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This new series of paintings by Jason Arnold might give you cavities, don’t bring your dentist to this show. Inspired from all things sweet and sugary with a blend of pop culture, Jason has put together a body of oil paintings that has inspiration from Frida Kahlo all the way to Jan Van Eyck, with a dash of Salvador Dali. Mix in some sour gummy worms and gummy bears and you have this collection of paintings. Sometimes art is meant to be serious and thought evoking, but this series of oil paintings are meant to make the viewer laugh and feel good. Selected prints will be available…and of course, “Free Candy”. 


Jason C. Arnold is a Santa Cruz-based oil painter who specializes in infusing Renaissance painting techniques from the old masters with modern-day realism and a touch of humor. While mainly self-taught, Jason has honed his skills and developed his unique style over time. His day job as an art director in the skateboarding industry provides a contrasting balance to his work as an illustrator and oil painter.


By incorporating elements of humor into his work, he adds a playful and light-hearted twist to traditional subjects and techniques. This approach allows him to create artwork that is both visually stunning and engaging, inviting viewers to appreciate the beauty of his craftsmanship while also enjoying a sense of amusement.


As an artist who balances a professional career in the skateboarding industry with his passion for oil painting, Jason is able to draw inspiration from both worlds. This fusion of influences contributes to the distinctiveness of his artistic expression, resulting in pieces that resonate with viewers on multiple levels.

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