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"Ode to Travel" - Renowned chef, surfer, and photographer Patrick Trefz is releasing a book on travel and cuisine, composed of recipes and photographs. The exhibition at Minnow Arts will feature photographs from the book as well as paintings and film projections.


Patrick Trefz is an award-winning art, documentary, and action photographer and filmmaker. He has been recognized for three critically acclaimed feature-length documentaries Thread (2007), Idiosyncrasies (2010) and Surfers’ Blood (2016), and has directed multiple music videos, commercials, and shorts. Trefz’ work is known nationally and internationally for work in publications including Surfer, Big, Geo, and The New York Times, and is the author of the photography books Thread(2009), and Surfers’ Blood (2012), both published by powerHouse Books. His commercial clients include Nike, Jansport, Quiksilver, Red Bull, Patagonia, Vans, and Krammer & Stoudt. Trefz lives and works in Santa Cruz, California.

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