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Killer Acid represents the psychedelic work of artist Rob Corradetti, who has been actively making art and creating products for over 25 years. The brand specializes in screen prints, T-shirts, and a myriad of mysterious, humorous, and highly-detailed psychedelic ephemera. Originally launched in 2010, the style is a blend of head shop and punk rock, hearkening back to his tumultuous and technicolor coming-of-age in New York City.


Corradetti’s cartoon psychedelia drips with his signature tongue-in-cheek humor. Random, bright, and bizarre, the work draws the viewer in. Upon closer inspection, though, one finds the landscapes and headscapes are interwoven with personal meanings and artifacts of memories.

Sierra Siemer photo.HEIC

Sierra Siemer is an artist and designer. Born in New York, she now lives and works in California, where she utilizes chance as a strategy for breaking her obsession with order. She creates digital compositions, paintings, prints, and tapestries.  

Matt Crabe photo.HEIC

Matt Crabe is working in the woods. He’s drawing broken gods that haven’t fallen yet. He’s painting rats with rapidly escaping eyeballs. He’s building a shelf with a magic rabbit that will hold future thrift store relics. He’s taking a break, laying on the floor next to a fire with a cat with short legs. He’s accidentally eating too many edibles and sketching strangely on the couch. He’s making risotto and thinking about how to best portray a frog’s funeral in pen and ink. He’s behind you at the supermarket and your inability to remember your pin number is affecting his next work. He’s unsure why he chose this artist path but he is doing his best, and having a good time. He’s decided to grow his hair long. He’s going to throw another log on the fire and sweep the floor now.

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