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Delicate as Summers End

A group show of work by Kyle Field, Amy Moon & Hod Hulphers

Kyle Field

Kyle Field is a visual artist and performs songs under the name "Little Wings" 

since 1998 exploring themes of loneliness and togetherness with oneself and others through a unique and singular lyrical style that draws from rap, gospel and traditional. Field's line quality and picture construction waffles schizophrenically between the expert and the naive, the palate and mood of each picture simultaneously adolescent and old. Field resides in Los Angeles County,CA.  B. 1972 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 


Amy Moon


Amy Moon O-S is a plant person who paints primarily with acrylics on canvas. Her conviction that she can manifest the future with her paintings leads her to represent mystery, beauty, and depth through her vibrant portraits of people, places, and plants. Perhaps she can temper the terrors of humanity with the folds of a flower. 

After spending 18 years living in communal DIY households around the US, Amy once again lives on the Midtown Santa Cruz compound where she was born and raised. She is a caretaker to her partner and their two children, her artist parents, and the gardens that surround their homes and studios.


Hod Hulphers

Hod Hulphers is an artist working in both visual and sonic mediums. In both disciplines 

His work is extremely self conscience through its active defiance to hierarchy in culture,  but is cynically aware of its own conditioning and tethering to convention. Using Relatable imagery he makes comically tumbling and clumsy, self-aware narratives that often comment on our collective insufficiently to differentiate between motiveless compassion and the willful acts of ‘good’ cultivated by authority and subsequent dependency. Hulphers and his partner live in Santa Cruz CA in a house he and his father built in 2008. His father, a prodigious architect and fine artist; played a large roll in cultivating Hod’s potentiality by encouraging his gifts and insisting that the act of creativity isn’t a search, but a measureless and pathless action of instantaneous splendor. 

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