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Upon moving to California from Houston in 1964 Gregory Edwards was immersed in the California art scene of the sixties through his brother, the sculptor Melvin Edwards. The civil rights movement set the stage for his life-long activism, and he was involved early on in performance art with the revolutionary Bodacious Bugguerilla theater group as well as the pioneering art space Studio Z.  He studied at Cal Arts and the Art Institute of San Francisco. 


“I make gestural abstract paintings that I call stroke-ism, through which I explore my inner life”, Gregory stated. “My long-standing practice of drawing with pen and ink led to publishing monotypes, lithographs and experimental digital prints, the later an ongoing pursuit called American Hierographyx that describes my life’s journey using personal abstract symbols”.  


Gregory’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums, most recently at the Bakersfield Museum of Art. His work is represented in many prominent collections here and abroad, with acquisitions this year by the Columbus Museum of Art.  

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