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Since 2021, MINNOW ARTS brand SPECIAL SMUDGE* has been handcrafted with just three ingredients: tears, sweat, and blood, in that order. This simple recipe produces a unique pungent flavor that works with just about any substrate. Gluten free, with 0 calories, and more viscous than other special sauces, SPECIAL SMUDGE will be available exclusively at Minnow Arts Gallery, for a limited time, from April 5 to April 28. Please join us on First Friday April 5 5:00 - 8:30 PM to celebrate the launch of this very SPECIAL SMUDGE. (There will be no sauce.)


*SPECIAL SMUDGE is a group show consisting of prints and zines from 30ish artists. There will be a zine making workshop April 27 2 - 5 PM.

Co-curated by Anneli Henriksson and Ben Krasner

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