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M2.0: The Return  

We're thrilled to announce the return of the M2.0 Art Massive exhibition at Minnow Arts. This exciting show, running through July 22nd, features dynamic works by California artist Craig Herrin (5000) and hailing from Puerto Rico Shah Sphynx (Mr Elms).

Building on the success of "Monstructavism" in early 2022, M2.0 promises an explosive display of creativity. The exhibit showcases both solo and collaborative pieces, offering a glimpse into the unique styles of each artist and their artistic collaboration. Be prepared for a vibrant journey through a world of shapes and colors, a testament to the artists' unbridled artistic expression.

Join us for First Friday on July 5th in celebrating and experiencing the captivating energy of M2.0 Art Massive.

Visit Minnow Arts during gallery hours to immerse yourself in this explosive exhibition -

Saturdays & Sundays 2pm-6pm, or by appointment 

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